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Our Story

In the early 2000s, as a Master Technician working at a local dealership, Todd watched as customers came and went: each one a number.  He loved what he did and the cars that he worked on, but felt that his role was impersonal.  On occasion, as a team leader, he was able to connect with customers.  Whether he was talking about how a car handled on the track or explaining to a novice how an internal combustion engine works, he truly enjoyed the time spent with his customers.

After careful planning, his passion for customers led him to open a facility with a welcoming atmosphere and a friendly face.  Learn more about us below.

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Meet the Team

Todd Wilson

Founder & CEO

With BMW repair and maintenance experience dating back to 2002, Todd Wilson is a certified BMW master technician.  He enjoys spending time with his customers to help them understand their vehicle with a focus on quality over quantity.  A BMW enthusiast and high-performance driving instructor, Todd enjoys driving them just as much as he loves working on them.  His track car, affectionately known as "Blue Car," has been a family member since 2002.  Be careful starting a conversation about the car with Todd if you are pressed for time.


Tom Jones

Shop Manager

Tom has been repairing European cars since 2008.  With previous experience at other independents serving BMW, VW, Audi and Porsche, he joined our team from Global Imports BMW in Atlanta.  He has an interest in performance upgrades, light classic car restoration and is an aspiring track junkie.  He is the proud owner of  a 4-door 1991 318 which received an S52 driveline swap.  You're sure to see him in this E30 around town as he enjoys local car shows.

1996 318ti hatchback, Montreal Blue, Engine swap, track prepped

Blue Car


"Blue Car" is a character in its own right.  This 1996 318ti has been track prepped and includes a 2.8 liter engine swap.  It has traveled many states, from Michigan to Florida, but has found most of its pleasure at multiple tracks primarily in the Southeast.  It has been to Road Atlanta, Atlanta Motorsport Park, Little Talladega, Roebling Road, Barber Motorsports Park and Virginia International Raceway.

Follow  "Blue Car" as it makes appearances in your area or stop by and see it at the shop.